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Amber Noir Coconut Wax Candles

Amber Noir Coconut Wax Candles

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Experience the captivating allure of our Sweet and Sensual candle. Fruity plum and citrus top notes intertwine with a heart of sultry amber and jasmine, creating an irresistible aroma. As the flame dances, base notes of musk and amyris provide a warm and comforting foundation, enveloping your space in an exquisite fragrance journey.


net wt: 9 oz


1. Place candle on a heat-resistant surface away from drafts, flammable materials, and out of reach of children and pets.
2. Before lighting, trim the wick to 1/4 inch to promote an even burn and prevent smoking.
3. Keep the candle free of any debris, such as wick trimmings or matches, to avoid potential hazards.
4. For optimal performance, burn the candle for 2-3 hours at a time, allowing the wax to melt evenly to the edges of the container.
5. Never leave a burning candle unattended and ensure it is fully extinguished before leaving the room or going to sleep.

1. Burn within sight and keep away from flammable objects, children, and pets.
2. Never burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
3. Discontinue use when only 1/2 inch of wax remains.
4. Do not move the candle while it is burning or the wax is hot.
5. Keep the candle away from drafts to prevent uneven burning or tipping over.
6. Avoid placing the candle on delicate or wooden surfaces that may be damaged by heat.
7. Do not use the candle if the container is cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way.
8. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
9. Do not ingest candle wax.
10. Use caution when handling lit candles, as the container and wax may become hot.

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